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It has taken me a while to win these people I live with over to liking me. One of them, Tucker, still snaps at me.

Trina was my first friend, because she’s the second youngest. And Taylor loved me because I’m a golden.

Today Trina and Taylor and I were playing and having the greatest time in the living room and I finally felt like I fit in. Juan, the therapist, came this morning and set me straight on this heeling thing, and you can’t believe how relieved I am to know finally how to please Mommis by doing it right.

But of course I forgot to be vigilant about the potty training thing. That man yelling “no Buppy” at the end? That’s Max the videographer, calling my attention to the fact that I had started to pee on the living room floor. He grabbed me up and took me outside, and that was the end of that play date.

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