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Swimming: Scary But Fun

I have a new friend named Zoe. She’s a rottie and I went to her house for a play date this morning because we now have to walk on leashes in the park. 

Yeah, we got busted by the same cop who always busts Mommis, even though the complaints are never about us. This time we think they were about Amy. Really they’re about a silly law.

But back to the good part: Zoe has something called a pool, which is a lot of water with steps going in. The water tastes funny when you drink it. Mommis walked into it with all her clothes on and when she said “come” I tried to follow her but something happened and all my legs went in different directions. Luckily Mommis held me underneath, because I was scared and wanted to run out.

I did run out, but then Zoe went in and a woman threw a ball. Zoe went after it and I watched how she moved her feet.So I tried the same thing, walking down the steps and moving my feet. And suddenly I was swimming AND fetching! It was so fun! 

Also I was two shades whiter when I got out.

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There isn’t much going on in our house in the afternoon. Most of the time Mommis is working, and there’s nothing to do so I like to take a nap. Luckily Mommis has a very large comfy bed, and now I’m big enough to jump up on it without her help. I do have my training collar on, but since I didn’t feel a click, I assume I’m not doing anything wrong.

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Portraits of Pups:Bruno

Bruno is a French bull terrier puppy. He loves to run and play with us. Guess what’s really cool about him? He’s deaf. The humans have to talk to him through hand signals, although they yell at him anyway. They don’t always get it that he’s deaf but we do. We got to know him through smelling, and we’re a little careful about surprising him. He’s Adorbs. We want him to come out every day but his Mommis travels a lot.

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Portraits of Pups: Ringo

Ringo is Xena’s brother. Although he Is also part rottie, he is colored like a boxer and his other part is Staffordshire terrier. He is a very sweet boy who walks slowly because he has already torn 2 ACLs. He had surgery on the first one, but he refused it this time.