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Profiles in Pups: Gage

Gage belongs to a nice man named Nick. He is Queen Leeloo’s neighbor. He is seven months old and getting very big. He needs to work, sometimes with a ball. Me, I’m better with a water bottle.

When he comes to the park, he plays with all of us very hard, and I know he loves us. We wish he would come more often. I think he loves Mommis, but I don’t mind, because I love him. He’s a very good boy. He has lots of energy, though. And I think he’s a little more low to the ground than me or Leeloo, because he doesn’t topple over as much as we do. Maybe it’s just ’cause he’s older?

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I Ran My Ass off This Morning

We were walking along in Los Olivos Park with Mommis and Wendy and Pam and Brandon and the boy with the other three rescue dogs and this man came out with a metal and rubber dog like I’ve never seen before. It blew smoke out its rear and it made a funny buzzing noise  and we all ran after it but we could never catch it.  I tried to bark at it and talk to it, but it just buzzed me back.

We ran and ran until I almost dropped, and it was so much fun!!! Mommis made us leave before it was over, but I was tired anyway. I’m out of shape for that kind of exercise.

I actually had never seen Wrigley run before this morning, bcause he always walks slowly behind us or just stands there between Aunt Pam’s legs. I thought he couldn’t run, but he’s been layin’ low all this time.  But that Parker, she’s so-o-o fast. We saw her self-walking one morning in the park, and I knew she had some stray in her.

Chaunce didn’t even try to keep up with us, but Zoe did. She made the game end, because she got the metal dog in her mouth and started to shake it. That made Mr. Brandon mad at her.

The boy told us his metal dog cost $600. It must be a purebred.  I think Chaunce cost $500, and he came with papers, but I cost $35. Most of the other dogs were in the $35 range, too, That means you could get two dozen real dogs for the prize of that one buzzing dog.

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The Trainer! We Love the Trainer!

So mommis got a letter from a neighbor last week that we got loose and scared her and there was a leash law. Mommis already knows there’s a leash law; she makes us put on these metal choking collars before we go out. But we get very excited when we see another dog. Well, Paunnie gets excited, and I don’t know why but he’s bigger and older and I follow him.

Mommis finally hit the end of her own leash last week, and as always, what she needed came to her. She had lunch with an old high school friend, who brought her daughter and toddler grandson.  I wasn’t there, but when she came home she called Auntie Belle and told her a trainer had come into her life. IMG_0525

And now that trainer is in our lives. She came to our house this morning with a strange little person wearing a harness and trapped in a big metal machine. She attempted to come into the house with the big metal machine and the strange little person, and naturally I barked.  Wouldn’t you? She didn’t even look at me, and that made me feel better.  She just stood at the door and didn’t say anything to any of us.  Paunnie finally quit barking, so I thought it was safe to do that. But then she sat down on the couch right next to mommis! and she let the little person loose! I HAD to growl. I had to protect mommis.

This was very hard, but eventually she took Paunnie out for a walk with lots of liver biscotti treats. I tried to go with them. They wouldn’t take me. They all left, and I threw myself against the door. But it didn’t do any good.


When she got finished with Paunnie, she took her own dog  out of the car and sat her on the sidewalk. She then walked Paunnie right past her very own dog!

Then she took me out. I see her game. She just gives out treats. Lots of treats. I don’t lunge after other dogs, so I was very good for her.

For a grand finale, she took us both!

I hope she comes back soon.

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My Mom is My Advocate

Here’s the letter my wonderful mom wrote to the silly people next door.

Dear 230 Coral Reef Avenue,

This morning when I was working there was a knock at my door and the Sheriff arrived. I asked her to come in, and she looked pretty embarrassed to be there. I assume you called her, since you had written to me before and said you would do so if my dogs continued to bark. You said you would consider it a case of “deliberate harassment.”

How silly. Do you really believe I have nothing else to do with my life but harass my neighbors? What do you think this is, high school? I’m your age, and I’m a woman who works from home, just as I assume you do.

I told her the same thing I have told you: I do my best to stop the dogs from barking. I close the dog door at 9 PM and leave it closed until it is light, whenever that happens to be and the dogs wake me to go out. We don’t have loud parties, we don’t play music, we don’t do ANYTHING that constitutes a real nuisance. The worst thing we do is bark.

When the dogs go out in the morning, there are often dogs and people running around behind my back fence (and yours, too). I think some kids cut through there, and I also think one of our other neighbors lets his dog out back to walk himself.

These things make my dogs bark. When I hear the dogs bark, I yell at them and bring them in. Of course if I am on the phone, in the shower, not there, or not dressed, I can’t do that too quickly.

I know you consider this personal harassment. And of course I consider it “doing my best.” We probably have to respectfully agree to disagree, since the Sheriff told me this morning that the call that brought her there was an ordinance, not a law, and that the dogs did not appear to be mistreated. Therefore, she did not call Animal Control, who – even if she did call them – would issue me a citation but couldn’t do anything else. The dogs are tagged, licensed, fed and cared for. You have a right to live in peace, and I have a right to have pets.

However, they are DOGS. Dogs bark.

I’ve been to see you personally, and have explained that I am doing my best, and that, indeed, I am only here for the summer with the dogs anyway.

You might want to think about opening your heart and realizing that I might be lonely, and that’s why I have dogs. I live alone. I am a widow. You ladies have a relationship. I don’t. All I have is a dog.

No one can control everything in their world. Calling the Sheriff is rather a waste of taxpayer dollars, don’t you think?


Francine Hardaway

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Barking Dogs

Today we had a big surprise. I went out in the morning and saw that usual dog loose behind our fence and I barked at it. I guess the people next door don’t like that. So we had a visit from a woman in a blue uniform who had a badge that said “Sheriff.”

I charmed her. When she came to the door, Paunnie and I barked, but then I stopped and laid down by mom’s feet as soon as she came into the house. So did Paunnie. We faked being well-behaved, and the woman fell for it. She loved us!! She even petted us. We shedded all over her blue uniform.

So then mom asked her what we did wrong. She said there was an ordinance that neighbors were entitled not to be disturbed, She said it was an ordinance, not a law, and the worst that could happen to us was that animal control could come out and cite us. But we couldn’t be taken away or anything.

The blue woman then apologized for the fact that we had grumpy neighbors.

Mom always yells at us when we bark. Now I know why.