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Parties and Receptions Are Booor-Ing!

So last night Mommis and I went to a couple of receptions for SeedSpot Demo Day. I had to dress up in my jacket and clean people’s faces and let them take selfies with me. The only good part was when I got to show them my new balls, which seem to have come down last week.

I might have felt better about going if Mommis hadn’t given me the apple during the committee meeting we went to in the afternoon. It went through me so fast that I pooed in the school’s student garden! How embarrassing. 

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Mommis is Better!

Mommis went somewhere yesterday and came back with tape over her eye. She didn’t walk us anywhere before she left in the morning for her taping, and when she came home she didn’t drive us anywhere either. She just had some men come in and throw the ball to us: Mark came, and Ed came. And this morning Uncle Dan came and dropped over Bluey. Mommis seems fine, so why isn’t she driving?

We made this video to explain: