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Swimming: Scary But Fun

I have a new friend named Zoe. She’s a rottie and I went to her house for a play date this morning because we now have to walk on leashes in the park. 

Yeah, we got busted by the same cop who always busts Mommis, even though the complaints are never about us. This time we think they were about Amy. Really they’re about a silly law.

But back to the good part: Zoe has something called a pool, which is a lot of water with steps going in. The water tastes funny when you drink it. Mommis walked into it with all her clothes on and when she said “come” I tried to follow her but something happened and all my legs went in different directions. Luckily Mommis held me underneath, because I was scared and wanted to run out.

I did run out, but then Zoe went in and a woman threw a ball. Zoe went after it and I watched how she moved her feet.So I tried the same thing, walking down the steps and moving my feet. And suddenly I was swimming AND fetching! It was so fun! 

Also I was two shades whiter when I got out.

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Portraits of Pups: Leeloo

Leeloo is my girlfriend. At first I thought she was my litter mate, but I guess I was wrong. Every morning I try to rape her, but she never lets me. And then we wrestle. We’ve slept together twice in the same crate, but nothing happened. I don’t understand why, but nothing did. We didn’t get a puppy. Then she went off and got her service dog certification before me.  A real betrayal.

She’s leaving me for six weeks soon. This would be, as you might expect, a big bummer for me, but I’m a dog and I live in the present.

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Profiles in Pups: Taylor

We’re cheating here. Taylor is only visiting for ten days while Auntie Chelsea is in London watching Dashie. He’s not a dawn dog in Half Moon Bay where he lives. But he has to be one in Phoenix. He flew here with Auntie Chelsea and her boyfriend Brian and we met them at the airport. He flies here a lot. I think he’s my cousin. He’s a great role model.

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Profiles in Pups: Gage

Gage belongs to a nice man named Nick. He is Queen Leeloo’s neighbor. He is seven months old and getting very big. He needs to work, sometimes with a ball. Me, I’m better with a water bottle.

When he comes to the park, he plays with all of us very hard, and I know he loves us. We wish he would come more often. I think he loves Mommis, but I don’t mind, because I love him. He’s a very good boy. He has lots of energy, though. And I think he’s a little more low to the ground than me or Leeloo, because he doesn’t topple over as much as we do. Maybe it’s just ’cause he’s older?

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Profiles in Pups: Xena

Xena is a girl who thinks she is a boy. That’s partly because she belongs to Sharon, who’s a badass competitive weightlifter. Xena is part Bernese mountain dog and part Rottweiler I think, with a little something else thrown in. She takes no shit from the puppy pack (that’s me and Leeloo); she’ll jump right on us. She also lifts her leg when she pees, which even I don’t do yet.

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Leeloo Needs to be Put in Her Place

This morning in the park Leeloo tried to take my water bottle. She’s so aggressive, for a girl. I try to be nice to her, but she doesn’t make it easy. She acts like she’s a boy or something.

Look what I had to do with her! And even then I never did win.

But I can’t help it, I love her so much. In two weeks she leaves me for New Hampshire, and I hope she doesn’t meet anyone there:-(