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Complex Relationships

I hardly ever get to be alone with LeeLoo anymore. Gage is always watching us and he’s so big and strong. He’s a whole month older.
OH, and I made Mommis sad yesterday. I pooped on a rug in the hall and peed on the floor in the living room an hour after Olivia mopped it. I know I shouldn’t do this stuff because then Mommis tells Uncle Max that she feels like a failure. Uncle Max tells her I’m young. Am I still young? What’s young? Does it mean my peepee leaks?

Maybe the vet can fix that!

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She’s Home!

See that dog under the table? That’s my cousin Bo. You know where he is? The Half Moon Bay Brewing Company for the great Sunday afternoon blues. And where am I? In Phoenix in my backyard by my baby self, amusing myself by spreading toidy paper from one end of the house to the other.

Yeah, she came back yesterday. But I have to tell you, it took an hour of hard work to clean her up after her trip. I had to lick her arms, her left leg, and all of her face, even her ear. She was just so covered with smells from other dogs.

I am so happy to see her, though, that the work was worth it. And it paid off. This morning she took us for a walk through the neighborhood for a half hour and we got to see a lot of new houses and dogs. And kids going to school, who always love me.

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Why I Blog

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I decided it might be fun to participate in social media, since my mom spends all day at the computer blogging away and Twittering to her friends. I thought about getting a Facebook Account, but then I thought I’d just start with a plain old blog. She told me it was the old technology and had already peaked, but I am new to it, and perhaps it means the technology has crossed the chasm. I always heard that on the Internet no one knows you are a dog.

Do you know I’m a dog?

This summer my mother sent me to camp. It’s called Camp Fluppy Puppy, and it’s in Half Moon Bay, California. That’s me on the right. On the far left are my camper friends (l. to r.) Ko and Bo. The next one is my brother, Paunnie. Their real names are Kodie and Bailey and Chauncey. And my real name is Luckily. But you won’t hear these names in the blog, because my mom calls me Buppy the Buppy (or Dennis the Menace).