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School is Hard

School is tough. I’m crashing for the rest of the afternoon. This morning I got a shot and a microchip and had to go for a scary car ride with just a seatbelt. Nobody held me. I was lucky I survived.

Then my tutor  came over and taught me how to walk with Mommis on a leash. I guess the technical term for that is heel, so I did my best to walk on her heels. “Buppy come” was a lot easier!

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Nature Hike

Today I went on a nature hike in the backyard with my brother Sammy. Mommis has hired him to train me, since he went through a leadership training program with Juan Aguilar and came out a service dog.

Now he serves me. I don’t think it makes him happy, but he’s getting resigned to it.

On the other hand, Uncle Max’s dog Tucker bit me on the leg today. I haven’t the faintest idea what I did to piss him off.

Great hike, though. Good workout.

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No Rainbow Bridge Just Yet

I haven’t had much energy lately, and I’ve spent my days under Mommis’ bed resting. After all, today’s my birthday and I’m 12, she thinks. Also the vet thinks so. I guess my teeth are 12.

After I refused to jump down out of the car at the park a couple of times, Mommis finally caught on and figured out that I needed help. So she ran me up to the vet, because she thought the big bump under my left shoulder might be the reason.

But the vet said no, and also x-rayed me for elbow arthritis. Oh, and weighed me. This was the worst part. I have gained five pounds. While the vet said I didn’t have any visible arthritis, she gave Mommis some samples of anti-inflammatories and told her to try them on me.

And then came the worse part: she told Mommis to cut back my food and substitute canned green beans for kibble. Mommis is a nutritional nut who only eats vegetables herself, so I knew I was in trouble.

The bad news is that I now get a half cup of kibble and a half cup of green beans, and ONLY HALF A TREAT!  Serious deprivation.

The good news is that those “uppers” the vet prescribed have seriously raised my energy levels so that I now can forage for food in the park every morning and still catch up to the group. When I was slow, Mommis let me out of the leashing system and I just carry my own leash now. This allows me to pick up pine cones and garbage, which I love. Just yesterday I found an open package of hot dogs.

Happy Birthday to me!


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Mommis and I Are Aging Gracefully

This morning Mommis and Bruce and Sammy and I went to the Biltmore Golf Course at dawn. We go there less often than we used to, but we still go. I think I ruined it for every day when I swam into the lake and the man had to go out and get me.

Mommis got scared.

Yesterday we went and I went fimmin. Mommis was stunned. Once again I surprised her, because she was very cold. She couldn’t imagine why I’d fim. But I have an undercoat AND an overcoat.

Today I just nosed around, looking for some of that great turkey from Friday. Some dude must’ve had a Thanksgiving dinner and thrown the carcass over his fence, because there it was at the edge of the golf course.

Me and Bruce made quite a belated Thanksgiving dinner of it.

I can still walk four miles a day. Sometimes Mommis thinks I’m slow, but it’s more like I’m strategic. I’ll run for a while, roll over and scratch my back in the grass, and jump up again.

Mommis keeps waiting for me to ask to go over the Rainbow Bridge because I’m ten or eleven or something. But I’m not ready. I am not even blind or deaf and I don’t have much arthritis. I can still jump up on her bed, too.

Admittedly I’m a little grumpy around certain dogs, like Jackson dog, who bug me. But I can shut them up because I’m the A fella.

Some of the kids bug me, too, and I growl. But I’d never bite ’em. I’m just trying to train them how to treat a dog.

Happy Thanksgiving!





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Chauncey and Buppy take Our Vitamins

Last night, Paunnie got the vitamins down from the counter, and we took them outside and worked on the box for a while. Paunnie’s like a Houdini taking things apart, and although he never got the top off because it was too big for his mouth, he did manage to gnaw a hole in the side. And then the powder just fell out on the grass and we could share it.

And then we brought the box back inside and put it on Mommis’ bed so she would find it in the morning and order more of those. She saw that we were out immediately, but she hasn’t done anything about it yet.

They really tasted good, and I’ve never felt better in my life!