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A Dog Loves His Habits

IMG_0288IMG_0294IMG_0287 Mommis finally took us on a warm afternoon walk over our old trail.  For weeks now we’ve been going to the beach, to Maverick’s, t0 all the great places, but I’ve missed our old trail where we used to go every day. Today, we made a triumphant return.

This is the Pacific Open Space Trail, which is a protected stretch of land from Golden Gate Bridge to Half Moon Bay. It’s all trails, and we live right near it! We’re lucky dogs.

There’s a lot of good stuff to smell and eat on this trail.

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A Sneak Peak into Our Lives

We are leaving Half Moon Bay Monday to go back to Phoenix for a few months, and we’re feeling sad. So Mommis took these pictures for us to show everyone how we live up here.