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Mixed Reality

Every morning my Mommis talks to Leeloo’s Mommis about this game they are playing. Sometimes the game makes her happy, but the last two days it made her sad because she says she’s out of balls and there was a wild Ponyta out there. I didn’t see any Ponyta, but I did see a ball in the grass this morning.  

She just kicked that one away toward Sammy. I don’t get it.

She also said something about buying more balls and Leeloo’s Mommis said don’t spend money doing that. But when I got into the car I opened the place where the sunglasses live and guess what? I found Mommis some money to buy more balls.

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The Walk

Most of the time when we’re walking I’m looking at Mommis’s  butt, because I’m supposed to be slightly behind her. Although too far behind her is considered “dog at large,” and too far in front of her is considered “out of control.” These are difficult rules to master, especially since they were made by the police and not by Mommis.

The first time we came out here to the park she explained the rules of off leash walking; don’t call attention to yourself. I try to be as surreptitious as possible, although I’m the only British Cream retriever in the park. But if I am the best possible boy, perhaps they will forget I am white? No such thing as white entitlement in this park.

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Paunnie Had an Operation

Paunnie Models His Wifebeater

I always hate it when Mommis leaves the house with Paunnie and not me, or me and not him. It always means something bad.

Yesterday after we went to the park, she left with Paunnie and he was gone all day.  I was okay, because I had Tucker with me for day care, but I wondered what happened with Paun.

He wandered in around 4 PM, and he was pretty bummed.  He immediately laid down at Mommis’ feet and went to sleep.

Only later did I find out why: Mommis betrayed him. She took him in for surgoire to remove the bump on his back. And while he couldn’t resist, she had his teefies cleaned. So not only does he have ten staples in his back and a big square shaved place with no fur, but I bet his teefies hurt too,

He ate dinner, and then he laid right down again. Before he went under he told me he felt pretty good. And then Mommis told me he was on Tramadol, a drug they give humams.

Mommis put a wifebeater on him so we couldn’t lick his wound. He can’t reach it cuz it’s on his back, but I would be very willing to clean him.  I clean Mommis all the time when she lets me.

I hope she takes the wifebeater off so I can clean his wound one day soon. And I hope he doesn’t get addicted to those pills.

Should Mommis sell the rest of them when he gets well? Comments?

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Half Moon Bay: Love it and Hate It

I love Half Moon Bay in the summer, when we have Camp Fluppy Puppy, but I hate it in the winter, when we get left at home while Mommis goes there alone for the weekend. Yeah, Jerry and Jamie and Uncle Dan and Max are okay, and they hang out with us and take care of us, but they don’t smell like Mommis.

This time she tried to fake me by not packing the yellow suitcase. She’s only taking the red thing. The thing the laptop goes in. But when she put the pills and the toothbrush in the red thing too, I knew where this was trending. She doesn’t take those when she goes to a meeting.

So last night, when she went out to dinner with Doris and Jerry, I took the red thing. I was gonna try to take it out in the back yard and examine what was in it to see if I was right and she was abandoning me. If it had any unders or a bra, I’d know for sure.

But man, was it heavy.  By the time I got it to the dog door, my teeth were sore from carrying it. I couldn’t quite get it, and me, through the door. And then somebody came by the house, and I had to do my job. I went to the window to look and bark to keep us safe.

And then ( I live in the present) I forgot I left it there, and she found it when she came home and figured it out.

That’s why I constantly am in the dog house.