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Mommis Takes Us to a Trainer

In honor of my 6th birthday, Mommis finally decided to invest in my training. So she put us in this class with a bunch of pit bulls and German shepherds and a Doberman.

I was scared out of my mind, and tried to look in the other direction for as long as I could. I’m telling you, it was ghetto.

The trainer is Austrian, and she can wrestle down any dog, too. I saw immediately there was nothing to do but obey, so I did.

I think this was our last time. I hope so. There were other things I would rather be doing than sitting, staying, and heeling.


The one part I really like: DOWN. I would do that without a trainer.

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Been Shoved Aside: Now Making Negative Gestures

Ever since this pit bull puppy, Monte Python or whatever (this is like Steve Gillmor calling Sarah Palin Mary Jo) came to our house, I’ve been shoved aside even on my own blog. Puppy pictures are cute, I know, but I am the puppy! I am the perpetual puppy. To prove it, I’ve begun defecating on the back porch again. That’s how I reclaim all the attention. Even negative gestures are a sign of attention. My friend Steve Gillmor says so.

Buppy the Puppy defends his territory
Buppy the Puppy defends his territory