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She’s Home!

See that dog under the table? That’s my cousin Bo. You know where he is? The Half Moon Bay Brewing Company for the great Sunday afternoon blues. And where am I? In Phoenix in my backyard by my baby self, amusing myself by spreading toidy paper from one end of the house to the other.

Yeah, she came back yesterday. But I have to tell you, it took an hour of hard work to clean her up after her trip. I had to lick her arms, her left leg, and all of her face, even her ear. She was just so covered with smells from other dogs.

I am so happy to see her, though, that the work was worth it. And it paid off. This morning she took us for a walk through the neighborhood for a half hour and we got to see a lot of new houses and dogs. And kids going to school, who always love me.

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Dinner at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company

All summer mommis has been promising us that we would go with her to the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company for dinner. She goes there once a week because they have blues music. And she and Auntie Belle talk about taking us there every week. But then they go off together, opening the front door and yelling “stay” as they walk out. That’s a very scary word; I don’t know what it means, but it seems to paralyze all of us.

Last night she and Auntie Belle and Uncle Nell finally did it! They took us out to dinner. Boy, was it fun. That patio is full of dogs. At the next table, there was a little rescue puppy, and I got to play with him all the time. He even wiggled out of his harness and came under our table.

There were a few other dogs we thought we should bark at, but we were quickly discouraged. Lots of mutts, a big boxer, a King Charles Spaniel. I got the picture; we were supposed to pretend to be trained. Act Big. Impress peeps.

I think I did it. After I made a quick move toward the puppy and everyone had to grab their drinks, I realized we were tied to the table and I got underneath and scrounged for scraps. I didn’t even make it into this round of photos.

Auntie Belle put Bearie in her lap for this picture, but then she let him go to the next table, where the people called him Zen dog. That’s not fair. I want to be Zen dog. I know it means something nice.

I think we accomplished all our goals. Mommis got to hear a lot of music and everyone ate a hurried dinner. We all laid down eventually, and people marvelled at how anyone could go anywhere with four golden retrievers. We love it when that happens, because we know it makes mommis happy.

And it wasn’t a bad sunset over the water, either.