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Fruit Girl Goes to Market

Fruit Girl Goes to Market

Mommis went to the Farmer’s Market in Half Moon Bay with us this morning after our walk along the Coastal trail. She goes every week, but she usually leaves us home because dogs are not allowed.

But this morning we were in the car, and she came back to us all excited.

“I met a girl at the Farmer’s Market who has a blog,” she said.

“Aaarggh,” I thought. “Everything in her life is about blogs and tech and people. Can’t more in her life be about dogs.?”

But I live in the moment, so I forgot my envy. She told me the girls were pretty and studying about nutrition. I love food. Paunnie loves it even more. So we are going to follow her blog, which is called Fruit Girl Goes to Market.

When we came home and Mommis read the blog, she told me melon is really a vegetable, though it’s sold as a fruit. She didn’t know that.  I didn’t know that. I eat kibble, myself

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A Dog Does Due Diligence

Mommis is an investor. That means we have lots of these books with the colored tabs and the spiral bindings all over the bookshelf. She did a lot of it before she got me, but  now she’s doing it again. She does deals with her friends. I don’t know what a deal is. But if she makes money, we will get more food and go more fun places like Half Moon Bay.

So last night when she went out to dinner, I thought I would do my own due diligence and see what was inside one of these.  I had to take it off the kitchen table and carry it all the way outside through the dog door to the back yard.  It’s a big book, lots of maps and charts, and it was really heavy! By the time I got it out there, I had lost my appetite for the due diligence.

I left it out there, knowing she would find it, because I left the smaller folder that was with it and I knew she would remember there were two of them. I left that one on the kitchen floor for her.

And then I took a big long nap and nursed my aching jaw.  I don’t think being an investor is any fun at all, and those binders taste terrible. No wonder everybody keeps them on a shelf and never takes them down.

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Half Moon Bay: Love it and Hate It

I love Half Moon Bay in the summer, when we have Camp Fluppy Puppy, but I hate it in the winter, when we get left at home while Mommis goes there alone for the weekend. Yeah, Jerry and Jamie and Uncle Dan and Max are okay, and they hang out with us and take care of us, but they don’t smell like Mommis.

This time she tried to fake me by not packing the yellow suitcase. She’s only taking the red thing. The thing the laptop goes in. But when she put the pills and the toothbrush in the red thing too, I knew where this was trending. She doesn’t take those when she goes to a meeting.

So last night, when she went out to dinner with Doris and Jerry, I took the red thing. I was gonna try to take it out in the back yard and examine what was in it to see if I was right and she was abandoning me. If it had any unders or a bra, I’d know for sure.

But man, was it heavy.  By the time I got it to the dog door, my teeth were sore from carrying it. I couldn’t quite get it, and me, through the door. And then somebody came by the house, and I had to do my job. I went to the window to look and bark to keep us safe.

And then ( I live in the present) I forgot I left it there, and she found it when she came home and figured it out.

That’s why I constantly am in the dog house.

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I’m Going to Have a Crummy Christmas

Mommis is packing.  She’s going to Half Moon Bay to see that silly baby. And she’s leaving me and Paunnie with the baby sitters. Jerry and Jamie will be here, but they work a lot and won’t be here all the time. Yeah, I know Uncle Dan and Ed and Carolyn and Olivia and everybody will be stopping by, but they don’t sleep with us like Mommis does. And Jerry and Jamie sleep with Monti. We might have to sleep on the floor while they’re here.

So I  lost it tonight, and I upended her purse and spilled everything on the floor.  I didn’t realize how much “everything” she had in there, but lots of stuff, from headphones to business cards.

And then I grabbed one of her new Uggs and took it out back.  I started to eat it, but thought that might be going too far, so I kissed it and left it out there.

When she came home, she was so mad that I exiled myself outside. You could tell she was mad because she just walked around saying “no” all the time.

But in fifteen minutes she recovered and called me to come in. Then she gave me some chicken jerky so I know we’ve made up.

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A Dog Loves His Habits

IMG_0288IMG_0294IMG_0287 Mommis finally took us on a warm afternoon walk over our old trail.  For weeks now we’ve been going to the beach, to Maverick’s, t0 all the great places, but I’ve missed our old trail where we used to go every day. Today, we made a triumphant return.

This is the Pacific Open Space Trail, which is a protected stretch of land from Golden Gate Bridge to Half Moon Bay. It’s all trails, and we live right near it! We’re lucky dogs.

There’s a lot of good stuff to smell and eat on this trail.