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Coming Home Tomorrow

Oh man, I can’t wait to come home. Paunnie loves that Charlie, but I love my Mommis. And Auntie Belle and her boys have vanished, so I just know camp is over.

Ummm…I made a little mistake. I ate Charlie’s Bose headphones. I forgot for a minute that back in Arizona, when I ate Mommis’s Bose headphones she was really mad. I think they were expensive, whatever that means. I think I heard her tell Charlie she would give him the new ones she bought after I ate her other ones.
That means she will have to buy another pair, and I will try not to eat them. I hope she doesn’t leave them around where I will be tempted.

They’re good though, because they are made of something that tastes like shoe. They were a lot better than Mommis’s iPod headphones, which I tasted at the beginning of the summer, but I spat out when I realized they were plastic

I only like certain kinds of plastic. Usually it’s in Bluetooth headsets. They seem to be really tasty.