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What a Weekend Getaway

We had such a good time at our weekend getaway. Leeloo and I slept together, had drinks, and great protected sex (neither of us has our hormones yet. It was heaven, and every morning Mommis took us to the park at dawn to see Gage and Chai. I think I made Gage jealous. Uncle Ed came, too and ran with us.

Leeloo is so beautiful. Even Mommis said so; she rented “The Fifth Elemenr” so she could learn about Leeloo’s origins.
I think I am lovesick. But I still ate dinner

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Complex Relationships

I hardly ever get to be alone with LeeLoo anymore. Gage is always watching us and he’s so big and strong. He’s a whole month older.
OH, and I made Mommis sad yesterday. I pooped on a rug in the hall and peed on the floor in the living room an hour after Olivia mopped it. I know I shouldn’t do this stuff because then Mommis tells Uncle Max that she feels like a failure. Uncle Max tells her I’m young. Am I still young? What’s young? Does it mean my peepee leaks?

Maybe the vet can fix that!

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It’s Hot Out There

Man, I hate whatever this is that Mommis calls the heat. Of course I don’t want to go out in the afternoon. She gets these great ideas: “let’s take Buppy for a walk so I can get 1000 more steps.” That’s all I am to her–an exercise machine.

Well Sammy may like that, but I don’t. I, after all, am the son of Cash King of Cremes and his consort (for tbis litter) Alanna. Which reminds me that I gotta remind Mommis to send off that paperwork to the AKC.

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Digging to China

By the time I get my fourth parvo shot and can go off the property I will have explored every inch of the backyard with Uncle Taylor and my big brother Sammy.

To get I’m shape for the park, in my spare time, I’m digging my way to China. I know that’s a long term strategy, but every journey starts with a single step, right?  ​ My front legs will be in great shape. I’ll have to figure out how to work on my hinds. Maybe dancing?