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It’s 115 Degrees

And that means moving most of my fun indoors into the living room. Mommis went to Ryan’s and bought a bunch of new toys. But she also bought 100 more potty pads, which leads me to believe she has lost faith in me. 

Was it because I peed in the living room yesterday right in front of Leeloo’s mother? I couldn’t help it. It was so exciting for Leeloo to come to the house! And we’re going to have a sleepover this weekend in my crate. I have a California King crate like Mommis’s bed. It can fit more than one dog.​


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Complex Relationships

I hardly ever get to be alone with LeeLoo anymore. Gage is always watching us and he’s so big and strong. He’s a whole month older.
OH, and I made Mommis sad yesterday. I pooped on a rug in the hall and peed on the floor in the living room an hour after Olivia mopped it. I know I shouldn’t do this stuff because then Mommis tells Uncle Max that she feels like a failure. Uncle Max tells her I’m young. Am I still young? What’s young? Does it mean my peepee leaks?

Maybe the vet can fix that!

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Leeloo is Back

I had a crummy weekend, measured by my own metrics and Mommis’s.

I pooped on the office rug yesterday and I think I peed in my sleep on the living room floor. Mommis was distracted and depressed by the gay people getting shot and she mostly slept all day and forgot to take me out the dog door. I think she thinks I should go myself bit that is no fun. I’d rather go with Mommis and then sneak back inside when she’s reading on her phone.

And Leeloo was gone all weekend. In a cool place. Bit she’s back today and she gave me her picture and let me play with her and all’s right again with my world.

I did the greatest”heel” this morning!

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Body Image

Sometimes I look at my feet and they look so big that I don’t know who I am. I still feel so small! 

But I notice no one picks me up anymore except if I start the climb. Then Mommis will lift my hinds on to the bed. But with Bruce she lifted the whole dog! Sammy jumps on the bed all by himself. I aspire to that.
Attitude of gratitude though. I can get down. I can get in and out of the car. Maybe the bed will be next?

Mommis seems to be down with my bed goal.

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Ménage a trois

There are two girl puppies in the park now: chai and Leeloo. I am in love with Leeloo. But Gage is also in love with her and he’s a big black man a month older than me. He also is her neighbor.

I realize I am at a disadvantage, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t give it everything I’ve got.

Oh, and by the way Mommos discovered the two poos I left for her in the dining room yesterday.